Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Number One!

Wahoo! My first blog post from my blog that will be dedicated to anything that involves my attempts at Scrapbooking, Crafts and Cuisine (becasue cooking sounds too boring).

I must credit Wordoid for helping me come up with a title for my blog.  Sky.Scrapy... a take I guess on skyscrapers... I thought it was perfect because Sky as in reach for the sky; the sky is the limit; in terms of ones imagination and what can be achieved with all things Scrap/Craft/Cuisine... Scrapy... just a take on Scrap really.

On Wordoid I put in Scrap and chose the French option and this is one that came up (not French I know but there were some pretty neat french words coming up).

I'm a self-described beginner; new entrant; newby; novice at scrapbooking.  I have the passion but not necessarily the time to sit down.  I've been fortunate and my very good friend and scrapbook extraordinaire Dita has helped me along the way in providing both ideas and inspiration.  I'm following lots of blogs and enjoying the amazing inspiration that I see and after I finally finish clearing my desk at home I hope to produce something as quarter as wonderful as I see.

I live and work full time in the beautiful North Shore, Auckland, New Zealand.  I love our kiwi life and I love reading about others cultures thru peoples stories they share when posting their pages.   I have two daughters who are the loves of my life, currently Miss 13 and Miss 10.  They also provide endless inspiration for scraping :)

I have also discovered how rewarding it is to do a page and give it away (at the moment just for the grandparents)... so if you're looking for the gift for someone who has it all I highly recommend it.

Ok, that's all, five minutes you'll never get back but thanks for stopping by.  Say hi and if you have any thoughts or suggestions on how I could improve with my future posts please dont hesitate to let me know.